Memes, Memes and More Memes: A Beginner’s Guide to Memes

Ermahgerd. Honey badger. LOLcats. These are all popular Internet memes that are making their way around the world and are just as popular as television shows and celebrities, if not more.

What is a meme?

A meme is a photo, video or other image that starts in the hands of a person who turns it into something witty by adding fun or sarcastic text. This meme is then virally spread throughout the Internet, usually with multiple versions appearing as the meme travels the Internet.

Memes can start from anything. A random photo found on Facebook can be turned into a meme, and so can a photo of celebrities or even animals. Most memes are usually funny in nature, but some can teeter on the edge of being inappropriate. LOLcats is a popular meme in which funny sayings are added to pictures of cats. Ermahgerd is another popular meme that uses the photo of a young girl holding books and creates captions that is supposed to be the phonetic pronunciation of “oh my God” from a person using a retainer.

How do I create memes?

Memes are very simple to create. You can start your own meme by using one of your own photos and creating your own funny caption. If you’re not graphic design savvy, apps like PicFrame allow you to easily add text to your images.

You can also create your own meme based on today’s most popular memes. Sites like QuickMeme allow you to search through a database of all the memes on the Internet today, choose your favorite and add your own caption.

You can also visit Some E-Cards and create your ecard meme by choosing your image and writing your own caption, one-liner or fun/interesting idea or observation.

How do I share memes?

There are many different ways to share memes. Once you create one, you can send them to your friends via email. If your friends think it’s great, they can pass the meme on to their friends too.

You can also upload your meme to your social media accounts. Your fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter can then easily share your meme with others. Many memes are also finding their way to Pinterest, so you can create your own meme board and place all of your creations there.

What’s the purpose of memes?

Honestly, they’re just meant to be used for entertainment. Many people visit KnowYourMeme to learn more about popular memes they find on the Internet, and some just share those that they find extremely funny or relate to them in some way.

If you own a business, you can use memes for marketing purposes. Simply create memes that talk about your brand, products or services, or if you post them to sites like Pinterest, you can have your meme link back to your website to generate some traffic to your site.

Memes are extremely popular, and whether you want a good laugh or to use it for marketing purposes, you should try your hand at creating a meme.

The Four R’s Of Grant Writing

As non profits across the world battle it out for the scarce grant dollars that are out there some will be better prepared than others. Some non profits have the operating funds to have staff solely devoted to grant writing; others have to depend on staff who divide their job duties. Regardless of which ever staff person is designated the task, there are four things each proposal writer should remember.


For most non profits, grant opportunities do not fall into laps. One has to work hard and research various options and sources of funds. A non profit has to weigh the cost of the time to apply versus the potential for reward. An application that will take several days worth of time and effort for only $2,500 probably isn’t worth it. If that same $2,500 can be gotten for an hour or two and let’s you get your foot in the door to a foundation or corporation or even the government, then it may very well be worth the time.

A non profit has to determine if their mission and interests are in line with the funding source and if they meet the program qualifications that the funder has posted. If it is possible, review a list of previous recipients to see if your type of program is in line with what they have previously funded.


If time allows, it is advisable to contact the potential source and begin building a relationship with the funder. Most government and corporate funders will have points of contact and phone numbers where you can reach them. If you have questions, ask them. It is better to ask and get proper clarification than to not reach out and make a fatal mistake.

By starting the relationship building process, you are helping to build your case to the funder that your program is deserving. This will not help you overcome a flawed application but it might help you out if your application is tied with another in the ranking process. It never hurts to start building relationships with funders; even if you are not awarded in this round, you are setting the stage for future funding cycles.


Prepare the best response you can. Follow the directions to the letter and provide the funder with all of the information requested. It is that simple. And that complicated. Most funders– certainly at the government level– will tell you exactly what they want and how they want it. That doesn’t mean you get to make your own rules up as you go. Follow those rules and you at least have a fighting chance. Answer the questions thoroughly and directly. Provide the funder with the responses that will tell them why your organization should be funded over some other well deserving non profit.


If everything works properly you will be receiving the notice of funding. The work doesn’t stop there, however. A whole new set of work is just starting. But take a few moments before the contracts have to be signed and the compliance calendars have to be created to celebrate the successful application process. You worked hard and you deserve to take a few minutes and bask in the glow of great achievement and a job well done.

Top Sites That Will Boost Your Traffic Instantly

computer keyboard Every blogger or website owner will tell anyone that traffic is the key to making money. How to get that traffic can be told a hundred different ways till Sunday and there is not just one way or site that will guarantee traffic.  Some sites make empty promises that certain software will boost your traffic or go viral; word to the wise never use these, they will oust your long efforts with ranking in the search engines.  That is the key thing about boosting traffic; it can go viral and the only way to do that is organically.  Good solid content that gives a reader something is another back bone to utilizing certain social media sites and in return boosting your traffic with real people.

Stumble Upon

This site can give your site between 20 to 150 views when you first post the link there.  The trick is to use popular keywords that pertain to your link as well as a popular topic on the site.  The millions of people who use this site as a porthole for information will search there first before heading out to the main search engines.  However, this being a social site it is necessary to engage with others there a little to ensure you are not a spam site and to gain credibility.


This site is mainly a visual or image sharing site; however since it has gotten so much buzz the readers who post there are getting hundreds of views back to the original site.  The copyright rules are still unclear, but try to post your own photos, stocks, or with the permission of the person who created the image.  Next, list your likes or interests along with a great introduction to your site with a link.  Since this site is the next hot thing, the link there will boost your rank on Google.

Red Gage

This site lets you post pictures, articles and your latest blogs and at the same time you are earning from the original source you can earn here as well, double bonus. The site is easy to join and uploading your material is pretty straight forward.  The secret to gaining traffic here is the interaction with the other users.  Also give your friends some incentive to follow you to your other sites.  The best way to do this is to explain in your profile how you make money and these sites are worth checking out then list your personal sites.  The key or trick here is to really be a presence there, just don’t post and leave.  Commenting and writing for the site will increase your other traffic and earnings on the actual site.

Again, in order to see any kind of boost in traffic from a social site; it is important to be active among the sites you use to share your other data.