7 Simple Tips To Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

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Having a visible web presence is important in today’s world. Almost everyone is using the Internet, and in order for your company to reach your target audience, having a web presence is essential.

However, you can’t simply create a website and expect the world to find you. When creating an online strategy, you have to also focus on your searchability. You won’t get many customers or followers to your site if it’s difficult to find you, so be sure to use these seven simple tips to improve your searchability.

1. Create descriptive page titles.

Look at the top of every website you open. See those words all the way at the top of the page? That’s called the webpage title, and it’s very important that you add descriptive page titles to your website. Some people make the mistake in using the same title for every page, but this is a bad idea because not every page of your website contains the same information. If you truly want to increase your searchability, you need to give every web page on your website its own unique description that is relevant to the content on that specific page. Search engines read these descriptions and use the content they find in order to rank your site appropriately, so the more descriptive and accurate your title can be, the better it will help your website become found.

2. Keep website copy short and to the point.

Have you ever landed on a web page that had paragraphs and paragraphs of copy? This is not good for searchability. Instead, it’s better to have only a few paragraphs with content that is strong and to the point. Talking in circles or putting too much content on one page is going to be harder for the search engines to rank appropriately. Be sure to separate your content into separate pages that make more sense and write strong and detailed copy. Doing so will help to improve your searchability.

3. Change your content regularly.

Search engines visit websites on a regular basis in order to rank them. However, if the content on a website doesn’t change when a search engine revisits the site, they’re not going to come back as often. By changing your content regularly, you’re ensuring that the search engines continue to come back to your site on a regular basis, which will help improve your overall searchability.

4. Link your website to other pages.

In today’s technology driven society, it’s very important that you link your website to multiple web pages. For example, be sure to create social networks for your website as well as your general website. You should also add your website to popular online directories such as Google Places, and you should also create online review profiles on popular pages like Yelp. All of these websites already have good traffic to their sites, so if your website can be linked through them, you’ll improve your searchability.

5. Put an emphasis on local content.

Search engines automatically generate local results when search queries are performed, which is why it’s important for you to add local content to your website. Be sure to put your contact information on your site as well as any other location-rich content, such as streets or buildings you’re located near. This is also another reason why you should add your website to local online directories, as it will help to drive local traffic to your website.

6. Add conversational content.

Search engines have changed the way they produce results. Instead of giving you results that contain some of the same words used in your query, you will now receive results that contain verbatim content from your query. Since most people use conversational content for their search queries, using conversational content in your website will help improve your searchability.

7. Transcribe audio and video files.

Audio and video files are a great way to add flair to your website, but they don’t help your searchability because search engines cannot crawl through the content. This is why it’s a good idea to have your audio or video files professionally transcribed. By adding a transcription to your website, you’ll be able to improve your searchability by giving the search engines content to crawl through and use to better rank your site.


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5 Strategies For Adding Quality Content To Your Site

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You could have the prettiest website in the world, but if your site doesn’t possess quality content, your website isn’t going to find much success. Today’s Internet users are no longer enamored by the glitz and glamour of the website but instead place much more value on the content you provide. They want to gain information from your site that is valuable in order to keep coming back, and search engines want good content in order to better rank your site.

Some websites think that having a paragraph or two with good content is enough to attract and retain their audience and boost their SEO efforts, but it’s not. Quality content goes much further than an intro paragraph, and the following are five strategies to help you add quality content to your site.

1. Add a frequently asked questions section.

Frequently asked questions provide quality content because they use conversational tone and answer questions your audience is likely to ask a search engine. When you add a frequently asked questions section to your website, not only are you giving your audience answers to questions they may have about your product, service or business, but you’re also giving the search engines quality content to use to better rank your site.

2. Conduct an interview.

Interviews are another way to provide quality content on your website. You can interview someone at your own company, such as the CEO or the owner, or you can interview an expert in the field of your industry. By placing this content on your website in Q&A format, you’ll be providing useful content to your visitors as well as strong content the search engines can use to improve your visibility.

3. Start a blog.

When you create quality content, you don’t just want to attract your audience or the search engines one time—you want to keep them coming back. A great way to do this is through starting a blog. Blogging allows you to change and add quality content to your website on a regular basis. This constant change will keep your audience coming back to see what new information you have to provide, and it will also keep the search engines coming back in search of new keywords they can use to rank your site more appropriately.

4. Create a how to guide.

If your company sells products that are used to perform a task, adding how to guides to your website can be a great addition of quality content. First, your audience will love being able to learn how to do something directly from your website, and this will keep them coming back to your site for reference when they have questions or need parts. Second, how to guides are a great way to add quality and keyword rich content to your site that attracts the search engines and improves your SEO.

5. Transcribe multimedia files.

Multimedia files are a great way to provide information to your audience in an entertaining way, but they don’t do much when it comes to quality content. Sure, your audio or video may have a lot to say, but search engines can’t access this information and use it to index your site. Plus, web visitors with hearing impairments also won’t be able to access this information, forcing them to find another site that gives them the information they want in a way they can use.

When you transcribe audio and video files and place the transcription directly on your website, you’re adding quality content that your audience and the search engine can benefit from.

Creating quality content for your website is important for both your audience and the search engines. By using these strategies, you’ll be able to create quality content and be on your way to website success.


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Rakuten Linkshare LinkGenerator Bookmarklet

As you’ve seen in recent weeks, I am a HUGE fan of the ShareaSale Product Discovery Tool – the Commission Junction Deep Link Generator and the AvantLink SnapLinker. Details on the Affiliate Linking Tools by Network Here

Since I do have a couple of affiliate programs that run on Linkshare (Now Rakuten Linkshare), I decided to do a little digging to see if I couldn’t find a similar tool for them.

It wasn’t so easy to find, but one does exist.

In order to access the Linkshare bookmarklet, you must sign into your account and then navigate the following steps:

- Click on Links

- Click on Bento Box

- Click on Get Links

It is in this section that you will find a link to Bookmarklet.

No Login Required

The one advantage I do see with this particular bookmarklet is that, once it’s set up properly, it is not necessary to log into Rakuten/Linkshare in order to get it to generate links. However, getting it set up properly does take a little more time than the others I have mentioned, but, in the overall scheme of things, it’s time well spent considering you don’t have to log back into your Rakuten dashboard. Instead, you simply go right to your preferred merchant, find the product you wish to feature, click your bookmarklet and copy your code.

Again, super easy peasy!

This is what the options look like from within the Linkshare/Rakuten bookmarklet tool

linkshare LinkGenerator

I have chosen 1-800-PetMeds and their adorable product, Claudia’s Canine Cuisine Peanut Butter Paw Print Sucker for this example. The results generated in the LinkGenerator are for a link to the product only. If you want to include a photo or description, you will have to do that by saving the image to your computer and using it in your post. That doesn’t take too much effort. I posted the photo and link shown below in just a few seconds.

Basically, this LinkGenerator works much like the Commission Junction version.

Canine Cuisine Peanut Butter Paw Print Sucker Claudia’s Canine Cuisine Peanut Butter Paw Print Sucker

I did test out the social sharing and link shortening options on Twitter and Facebook – both worked beautifully.

This is the Facebook result:

Linkshare Link Generator social sharing and link shortening on facebook

And this is the Twitter result:

Linkshare Link Generator social sharing and link shortening on twitter 

Rakuten also provides a complete list of advertisers that are enabled for Deep Linking. View the complete list of advertisers here. There is also an option to download an Excel file to keep handy on your desktop.


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